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Yes. I am actually on fire. Pity me.

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You better fucking reblog this guys

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Seriously. Because I have an idea for one, and I want to see whether I can make it work. I don’t know if I can find an artist who’d be interested in collaborating on it, but if I can, I have some ideas on how to fund it. I just want to see enough people would be interested in it.

Surely I can’t be the only one who’s tired of the idea that the apocalypse would wipe out all disabled people because we couldn’t possibly survive. 

I’d love to read that. And to help, if you’ll have me. But I’m not s very responsible person. Oh well. SIGNAL BOOST THE HELL OUT OF THIS
I think it would be great.

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Trying my hand at gifs now… Tell me what you think!

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raise your hand if you’ve got the sweetest followers and you appreciate each and every one

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Sorry not sorry. The season one titles are just so great… I couldn’t resist. Might make a part 2 and 3.

Dear god don’t let me ever get bored again


Follow her! She’s good! And she’s my friend! I made her icon! She’s an artist as well! FOLLOW HER!

Felt like doing a little self portrait. Hi everyone and hi new followers!
I hope you’re not as silent as most of the rest! Not that I don’t love you silent followers!
Anyway, what do you think of the new theme? Yay or nay?

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I wanted to do something with candy and so I drew this girl! I hope you like it!

By the way: I’m working on a new blog. It’s called Mentally Immature and it’s going to be filled with stupid immature comics. Comics about things like skunks, stickmen and shitty jokes. If you’re interested, take a look! . Hope to see you there!